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What to Expect in My Monthly Box?

The Most Amazing and  Unique  Geeky Charms!

We bring you the most exciting Geeky themed charms each month!

In every box, you will a set of beautiful, custom charms belonging to a specific theme that will vary each month. Included in your first month will also be  a starter bracelet, our gift to you!

Our charms are created with you in mind, allowing you subtle ways to show off your geekiness!


Makes the perfect gift for ANYONE!

Anybody can wear our GEEKY charms! The charms will vary from theme to theme and you can customize your bracelet to your liking by taking old ones off and replacing them with new ones!

All of our charms fit all major brands of bracelets (Pandora, Chamilia, Charmed Memories, Biagi, Troll, etc), so need to worry about our charms fitting your receipent's bracelet!

Use our gifting option to grant your favorite nerds, geeks, and fanboys/fangirls a one time box! The perfect gift for any occasion!