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Product Description

Everyone loves a bit of mystery! Receive a fun collection of 4 different charm pieces (from our previous themes) and a bracelet for a bargain price! Great as a gift Idea! Over $70 in value! The 4 pieces that you will receive will be random pieces from previous themes! Any pieces that you see in our shop could be included here! A few things to know about our Charm Mystery Parcel: -Charm Mystery Parcel is NOT a subscription, this is simply a single purchase. -You may not make request for specific pieces you want included in your Parcel. (they are chosen at random) -Bracelet is also chosen at random. -If you own pieces by us there is a possibility that you can get a piece that you already own. -There will not be pieces repeated within the same package. -If you ordered Charm Mystery Parcel in the past, there is a possibility that you can get a repeated piece. -Any piece from our collection could be included here! -If you are lucky you could get one of our sterling silver pieces included in your Charm Mystery Parcel ;)