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I just signed up. When will my package arrive? How often will I receive this subscription?

Monthly subscription packages will ship out the 14th of the following month.

Is it automatic payment? How often will my subscription be re-billed?
Yes, it is automatic payment, so no need to re-sign up! Your renewal date will be the 15th of each month.

Why is your subscription $19.99 for only 2 charms?
We special design a lot of our charms from scratch  into an STL 3D file then we send them to be 3D  printed specially for us.  We will also team up with some great manufacturers and bring you  their best geeky designs.  We offer you the best and most unique charms, starting at a $19.99 price point - which is actually on the low side of the charm market! Most charms can range from $30 all the way up to several hundered dollars PER charm!

What happens if I don't like a certain theme?
We offer a permanent second option for anyone who wants to take a break from the geeky charms/isn't a fan of the selected fandom and instead offer them beautiful, NON-GEEKY charms! We decided to name this the "Surprise Me" option and it's open to all subscribers, any month they choose.

What kind of charms are included in the "Surprise Me" option?
Surprise Me features an array of NON-FANDOM related charms! These make great additions to any bracelet and will range from decorative charms to regular items, food, and symbols. They'll all be the same high quality we take pride in, and be delivered at the same time as the fandom charms.

How do I sign up for Surprise Me?
Send us a quick email at and let us know your full name and that you'd like to opt for the Surprise Me option for the selected month (be sure to specify). We must be notified BEFORE the 10th of the month you'd like to skip (if you want to skip April, we need to know BEFORE April 10th), otherwise you will receive the Fandom Charms for that selected month.

Can I cancel at anytime ?
Yes! Canceling is easy! Just email us at with subject "cancellation" and We will take care of it for you.  Cancellations must be made before the renewal date, which is the 15th of each month. If something comes up after the 15th and you need to cancel, please send us an email at

Is this for Women only? What themes  will it include?

No! Anybody can wear them is all about how you customize it! The charms will vary from theme to theme and you can customize your bracelet to your liking! Your Charm With Me Club fandom theme will vary from month to month, a different one each month. We will announce the themes  on our social media pages so be sure to follow us there to know what's coming up!

Are your charms compatible with my Pandora bracelet?
Yes! all of our charms fit all major brands of bracelets, including, but not limited to, Pandora, Chamilia, Biagi, Troll, Charmed Memories and more!

Can I choose my Charms?
Where's the fun in that?! But the short answer is no. We want to deliver the BEST Charms that you might not otherwise purchase on your own. We want you to have the opportunity to experience something fun and exciting and we promise to only provide top quality and gorgeous charms that relate to each month's specific theme.

What are the charms made out of?
Our Charms come in a variety of materials: silver plated, gold plated, stainless steel, or antique pewter. We don't claim under any circumstance that our charms are real silver or gold. If you'd like detailed information on a certain charm, feel free to email us at

Can I return it if I don't like the Charms for that month?
Sadly, we don't accept returns. The best option for the charms that don't please you is to gift them to someone that might enjoy them a bit more! However, we will bring the most exciting and relatable charms and we sincerely hope you love each and every one!

How much is shipping?
Shipping fees within the US are $2.93.

Can you ship internationally?

Yes, we will ship internationally. There will be an additional $4.00 charge for Canada shipments and $6.00 for international shipments.

Will I get a starter bracelet every month?
No, you will only receive a starter bracelet  when you sign up on your first package in addition to your first month of charms. The following months you will only receive the included charms, though we always sell additional bracelets in our shop here!

Additional questions or concerns? Send us an email!

Who Are We?

This company was founded on the idea that beautiful, customizable charm bracelets and affordable prices should be one in the same. Unfortunately, there are a lot of companies that charge an astronomical amount for their silver or gold charms - so why not create something more affordable?

Nely and her husband Luis created the subscription box, Charm With Me Club, in order to allow people in the fandom community to show their geek pride in one place - a charm bracelet, while still keeping it at an affordable price.

Their dedication to quality and their creative spin on showing your nerdy side brought this box to life, and with their monthly twists and themes, you never know what to expect next!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please email us